The Student

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

SERFER GIOCHI today presents a new game at the LUCCA COMICS & GAMES fair in Lucca (Italy): The Student.

View yourself as a student by choosing your course of study based on your attitudes and passions; take into consideration the type of family you have behind, which will depend on your economic availability and the types of jobs you do; keep your favorite subjects under control and those that put you in trouble so you can deal with them better when you begin to study them; attention to the various vicissitudes of life that will happen in your studies and try to approach them in the best possible way with a single purpose, that is, before anyone: finish all the exams necessary to obtain a substantial scholarship!
Contents: regulation, playing cards ("THE STUDENT", "FAMILY", "EXAMS"), 8 "Character-Faculty" cards, 30 tokens, 20 stars.
Players: 2 ÷ 4 | Age: 8+
Difficulty: Medium / Easy
Languages: Italian